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Why Choose An Animal Naturopath For Your Pet?

Naturopathy offers a safe, holistic and natural alternative to conventional veterinary care when it comes to helping your pets achieve and maintain health and wellness. Think of it as true health care

While conventional veterinary medicine definitely has the advantage when it comes to trauma and emergency care for serious injuries, for most health related issues, a naturopathic approach offers a more holistic, in-depth solution for the health of our pets by seeking out and addressing the root cause of what ails them, rather than masking and quieting the symptoms they are exhibiting.

Naturopathy works with the body rather than against it, by gently cleansing and strengthening the body, helping to purge toxins and build a strong immune system. This encourages healing. The allopathic or conventional model of medicine, in contrast, works to suppress the symptoms of disease, which often drives illness deeper into the body, never really allowing for true healing, and adds more toxins to an already toxic system. This approach may bring temporary relief, but the drugs that are commonly prescribed can cause damage to the internal organs, and many times also cause side effects that require an additional drug to offset. This causes even more damage! It's a vicious cycle, and there are many safe, natural alternatives that can be just as effective in a lot of cases, and without the damage to the body, or the side effects.

Working with a naturopath, you will learn how to use herbs, supplements and other natural methods and remedies to enhance wellness in your pets, rather than resorting to toxic drugs and chemicals. Something else to keep in mind is that pharmaceuticals can also accumulate in the body of our companion animals causing serious illness. When properly used, herbs, essential oils and natural supplements are safe, and do not accumulate in the tissues and organs of our animals, making them a much safer alternative for our pets.

When your pets are already in good health, following the principles of naturopathy can also help them to avoid many of the health issues commonly associated with aging.

Some outward signs of a healthy pet that are promoted by following the 8 laws of health include:

  • Sleek, soft and glossy coat and healthy skin
  • Clean white teeth, free of tartar
  •  Fresh breath
  • Healthy level of energy, and in some cases can aid in reducing problem behaviors
  • Clear, bright eyes without discharge
  • Reduction in 'doggy smell' and other odorous conditions such as flatulence
  • Healthy weight for size and breed of animal 
  • Smaller, less odorous stool
  • Improved digestive health

These are just a few of the benefits that most pets experience once they begin to eat a species appropriate diet and are cared for following a naturopathic lifestyle. 

Another great benefit when choosing the services that a naturopath offers is a level of one on one guidance that you will rarely find when using the services of a licensed veterinarian. Offering step by step guidance throughout your companion's wellness journey, the naturopath works with each client offering a unique wellness program designed exclusively for them. We will work together to empower you to help your animal companion achieve their optimum level of health and wellness.

If you have any questions or would like further information on what naturopathy has to offer you and your pets, please contact me. I will be happy to answer your questions!

After all, every pet deserves a Happy and Healthy life!