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What Is An Animal Naturopath?

An Animal Naturopath, or Natural Animal Health Coach, is a practitioner who uses only natural, noninvasive methods to improve the overall health and well being of their patients. By using only these means, they work to guide their patient into balance, physically and emotionally, thereby achieving the optimal health possible for the individual, doing no harm to them in the process. The animal naturopath works with their client, the pet guardian, to educate and empower them in how to achieve these goals. In this sense, the animal naturopath is a guide, and the guardian is the care giver, rather than the naturopath working directly with the patient.
Unlike in conventional medicine and veterinary care, the naturopath sees symptoms not as an illness, rather as the body's way of trying to tell us something is wrong. The naturopath uses these symptoms like a road map to guide them to the root cause of the patient's imbalance, then once it is determined, the practitioner works together with the client to address the imbalance and help to bring the patient back to homeostasis. This is achieved by following the Laws of Health.
What Are The Laws of Health?

The Laws of Health are what constitute the tenets of naturopathy. They are presented as laws, rather than suggestions, because when one or more of these laws is broken, there will be consequences. These consequences present as imbalance in the emotional or physical aspect of the individual.

The Laws of Health are as follows:

  • Nutrition - For all living beings, nutrition must be appropriate and correct for the species being nourished.  This Ayurvedic proverb states it beautifully - When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
  • Exercise - necessary for proper circulation, exercise helps the body to distribute nourishment and eliminate toxins and waste through the blood and lymph circulatory systems.   
  • Water - Adequate hydration is necessary, and should be provided in the form of pure, non-chlorinated water, free from toxins.   
  • Sunshine - An amazing array of healing benefits are obtained by simple unfiltered exposure to sunshine. These include vitamin D production in the body, antibacterial action on the skin and so much more! It is an essential component for life.  Without sunshine, life on Earth would not exist!
  • Supplements - Sometimes indicated when working to detoxify and rebuild a weakened or damaged immune system, but always in moderation, and only when needed. Supplements should be from natural and food based sources, never synthetic.
  •  Moderation -  When practiced in all areas of life, the individual will find balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 
  • Air -  In many indoor environments, there is an abundance of toxins that can accumulate in the body. Many homes have air that is much more toxic than the outdoor air. This can occur when flooring, furniture, household cleaning and deodorizing products, etc., off-gas, setting the stage for toxicity in us and our animal companions. Getting outside in the  fresh air helps the body to flush and eliminate these toxins, and energizes the spirit in the process.      
  • Rest - Our bodies need adequate time to expel toxins, repair  damage and heal. Most of this is done when we are at rest. When adequate rest is denied, the body cannot complete these functions, causing healing and detoxification to be impeded.  Quality uninterrupted sleep is necessary for optimal health.   
  • Trust - Always trust in all of the laws of health, trust in the body's ability to heal itself, and trust in the Divine. The Creator is responsible for the miraculous workings of the body, so no doubt is well equipped to provide healing without the aid of artificial and synthetic tools and drugs. The laws of health, when followed, will assure the best possible health for each individual, human or animal.