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Preparing For Your Consultation

In order to get the most from your consultation, it is important that the Health History Questionnaire be filled out as completely as possible. Feel free to attach additional pages if you need more room to describe anything on the forms. The more information I have to work with, the better we can work toward helping your companion to reach their optimal health. Don't hesitate to include any information you think might be helpful! If using additional pages, please create a header for each topic that corresponds to the topic you are referencing.
Since many pets come to us through a rescue or adoption scenario, we don't always know their history, but please provide as complete a vaccination history as possible, as well as all injuries and procedures that your pet has undergone throughout their life that you know of. Also list all medications, including topical medications and pest control products.

A detailed breakdown of your pet's diet on a daily basis is necessary to make a proper assessment. Please include a complete listing of what your pet eats, and if home prepared whether it is raw or cooked, and if fed processed food, what brand(s) and variety of food, etc. If you feed treats, please include a complete list of all types of treats offered and approximately how many per day. These items are on the health history questionnaire, but may require additional space, so feel free to write them out separately if you prefer.

Cleaning products, yard products and anything else you use that your pet comes in contact with will need to be considered in the evaluation as well, so please list ALL of them, even if they seem insignificant.

Please be as detailed as possible! I want to provide the most thorough assessment possible to help you to bring your companion to their personal best health! Having Happy and Healthy companions is what we all strive for!

(A PDF file of the Health History Questionnaire and the legal authorization release forms will be sent to you via email for you to print out, sign, scan and email the signed documents back to me. If you do not have access to a printer, I can snail mail them to you on request, and you will need to mail them back to me once they are signed. )

I look forward to working with you to help your companion be their Happy and Healthy Best!